Hattie Knight


Hello there! Nice to meet you, please have a seat and make yourself at home. I'd offer you a cup of tea and a cake too, but that would just be silly.

Photography has been a natural progression for me, from my comfort zone of illustration and animation. Since I first developed hand-to-eye coordination skills, I've been sketching and doodling away. Filmmaking is also a huge part of my life, and I try and make films at every opportunity I can. I love nature macro photography, the tiny little details so close-up you can't fail to be amazed at their complexities. I think it's because I'm long-sighted. I love taking photos of people too, but I hate properly posed pictures. They stink of insincerity. I'll never take a picture of somebody without their consent though- that's just creepy.

I'm obsessed with colour and pattern and showing everyone how bright and bold and vivid our world truly is. Yann Arthus-Bertrand is my favourite photographer and filmmaker at the moment because he creates the most incredible works of art, simply by using the Earth's natural canvas. He's got an eye for colour, he takes great photos and wonderful films and clearly loves to travel. I want to be him!

I adore festivals. Not the city-size, rubbish-strewn, mainstream behemoths. I love the tiny independent events, run by people who simply love the music they make, the art they create, or all the cultures of the world. People who aren't obsessed with profit margins and booking big name acts. The type of festival that nobody knows about and probably never will...

Please enjoy taking your time to flick through my portfolio here and note that while I'm not a wholly professional photographer (just yet), I take great joy out of each individual shot from capture to edit.




  • Photography
  • Filmmaking
  • Cinematography
  • Illustration
  • Animation


  • Photoshop
  • After Effects
  • Illustrator
  • Premiere Pro
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Soundbooth Pro
  • Soundtrack Pro